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The responsibilities of committee members as Charity Trustees are set down in The Charities Act and are more readily accessible in both:

  • The Charity Commission booklet ‘The Essential Trustee’ – CC3

  • ACRE’s Village Hall Information Sheet 17 – Trustees: Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Members of Whimple Victory Hall are Charity Trustees.  They oversee the management of the Charity.  They are required to act always for the good of the Charity and in compliance with the Governing Document (Constitution) and current legislation.




The Managing Trustee Committee (Hall Committee) will meet at least twice a year as required by the constitution.

The Hall Committee will:

  • Comply with ‘all and every’ legal requirement

  • Ensure the financial stability of the Charity

  • Consider and adopt appropriate policies for the Hall’s activity

  • Adopt and monitor progress of the Strategic Plan

  • Receive and consider reports from the appointed sub-committees


The General Duties of each of the Members of the Committee are to:

  • Acknowledge their responsibilities as set down in the Constitution, the guidance literature and this document and certify the fact at the beginning of each year of office

  • Act reasonably and prudently and not speculate with the Charity’s assets

  • Act together

  • Avoid a conflict of interest. Trustees must remain beyond reproach

  • Extend apologies to the Secretary prior to any Committee Meeting which they may be unable to attend


Trustees may be liable for their actions if they have acted:

  • In breach of the Governing Document (Constitution)

  • Unwisely with Charity assets resulting in a loss to the Charity

  • Illegally

Where a loss occurs despite the best and reasonable efforts of the Trustees it is unlikely that they will be held liable.


ACRE’s Information Sheet 17 offers the following guidance:

  • Follow the governing document

  • Attend meetings

  • Act collectively

  • Keep written minutes of decisions

  • Ensure the Treasurer presents regular financial reports and prepares a budget each year

  • Ensure that the property and committee are adequately insured

  • Obtain professional advice

  • Act with due care and prudence

  • Ensure the property is adequately maintained

  • Keep all licenses up to date

  • When preparing correspondence on behalf of the Committee, the Registered Charity Number should always be quoted (or incorporated in the letterhead)


In addition to the General Duties of a Member of the Hall Committee, the Chair will:

  • Be the principal Trustee and ‘face’ of the Charity to external organisations

  • Guide and mentor other Committee Members as required

  • Chair Meetings of the Hall Committee

  • Use a second or casting vote as required at Meetings

  • Keep Meetings focused and completed within the two hours target whenever possible

  • Approve the Secretary’s draft Agenda for a future meeting so that it may be issued one week before the Meeting

  • Be second signatory to the Treasurer’s actions

  • In the event of an accident occurring on Hall premises to determine the nature and scope of any investigation



In addition to the General Duties of a Member of the Hall Committee, the Vice Chair, in the absence or non-availability of the Chair, is to assume

the duties of the Chair as set out above, including the second signatory role and approval of the Treasurer’s bill paying actions



In addition to the General Duties of a Member of the Committee, as set above, the Secretary will:

  • Maintain the formal records of Meetings

  • Maintain the principal files and records of the Charity including the Constitution, Governance and Policies

  • Hold the Trustee’s copy of the Charity Act 2006 and ‘The Essential Trustee’ and ensure that Trustees have access to ‘The Essential Trustee’ on appointment

  • Ensure Trustees sign the Code of Practices and Responsibilities to acknowledge their acceptance of their responsibilities annually

  • Provide each Trustee with access to a copy of the Constitution, Governance and Policies.

  • Retain the original copy of any Licenses granted to the Hall

  • Deal with correspondence as required by the Committee, and retain copies on file

  • Provide a verbal report on correspondence to the Hall Committee

  • In conjunction with the Chair, deal with accident reports for accidents that occur on the Hall’s premises, including the submission of a RIDDOR report when necessary

  • Write to entitled User organisations and groups annually to invite Representative Membership for the coming year

  • Issue draft Minutes to Members within one week of any Meeting

  • Prepare a draft Agenda for the Chairman’s approval in time for it to be issued to Members one week prior to any Meeting

  • Prepare and submit the Annual Return to the Charity Commission




In addition to the General Duties of a Member of the Hall Committee, the Treasurer will:


  • Receive payments due to the Hall in accordance with the financial regulations

  • Make payments on behalf of the Hall in accordance with the financial regulations

  • Maintain accounts on behalf of the Committee

  • Oversee any contracts placed by the Committee

  • Make a Treasurer’s Report at each Hall Committee meeting.  In his or her absence from any such meeting he or she should provide a written report

  • Regularly review, research and advise the Hall Committee regarding the most suitable banking arrangements

  • Review and maintain the Insurance policies in accordance with the law

  • Prepare a Budget for consideration by the Hall Committee

  • Arrange for the necessary review of the accounts at the year end and prepare the financial part of the Annual Return to the Charity Commission

  • Be responsible for the financial management of any employee/s




In addition to the General Duties of a Member of the Hall Committee, the Booking Secretary will:

  • Be the main point of contact between hirers and the Hall

  • Maintain the Hall’s booking system, advising prospective hirers of availability, booking arrangements and Terms and Conditions

  • Accept bookings using the booking form and enter them into the bookings system

  • Be a key holder and make arrangements for hirers to gain access the Hall

  • Initiate invoices to hirers and, in conjunction with the Treasurer, follow up late payment

  • Keep a record of Temporary Events Notices (TENs) for the Premises

  • Receive notification of any accident that occurs on the Hall premises and inform the Chair and the Secretary accordingly

  • Make a Booking Secretary’s Report at each Hall Committee meeting




In addition to the General Duties of a Member of the Hall Committee a Representative Member represents the particular interest of the User organisation or group represented

Representative Members are voting Members of the Hall Committee and, accordingly, are expected to participate fully in the activities of the Committee.  In law, they have a first duty to Whimple Victory Hall and not to their organisation or group.

(Reference Charity Commission - The Essential Trustee)

Representative Members are encouraged to participate in the day to day running of the Hall by membership of any sub-committees.



1. MANAGEMENT SUB COMMITTEE (incorporating the Building Sub Committee from January 2021)

The Sub Committee will meet at least three times per year and report on these matters to the Hall Committee at least three times per year:

  • To oversees the day to day operation of the Charity’s activities

  • To co-ordinates the work of any ad hoc meetings

  • To reports on the Hall’s activities at each Hall Committee Meeting

  • To keep the Maintenance Report book under constant review and, in consultation with the Treasurer, take appropriate remedial action.

  • To carry out a monthly inspection of the Hall and its surroundings to identify any maintenance issues not otherwise reported.

The Sub Committee will meet at least once per year and report on these matters to the Hall Committee at least once per year:

  • To prepare an Annual Report for submission to the Charity Commission (at the AGM in September)

  • To review the effectiveness of governance arrangements

  • To review the Strategic Plan

  • To review the Hall’s policies

  • To review maintenance issues that have arisen, whether or not resolved, to identify any underlying issues

  • To investigate any item might require expenditure above the amount set in the financial regulations (currently £1,500).

  • To monitor compliance with routine inspections including monthly visual inspections, Electrical installation report, PAT testing, Smoke Alarm testing, Fire Extinguisher testing

  • To advise the Finance Sub Committee on any budgetary implications or fund raising needed


The Sub Committee will meet at least once per year:

  • To review the hire charges for the use of the facilities, with the new charges being brought into force on 1st January the following year.

  • To inform, in writing, the Hirers of any increase as soon as possible

  • Ensure that the Charity is Fully insured against loss and claim

  • To oversee the progress of any contracts

  • To investigate and recommend to the Hall Committee, any changes to contract arrangements

  • To review the financial situation at least quarterly and make any specific recommendations to the Hall Committee.


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